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14. International Sport Afiliations of Curaçao Sport Federations 🌎

International sport affiliations of Curaçao Sport Federations. Sports Federations that have complied with all the requirements & optained full international membership.

World Sport Federations that Curaçao is affiliated with

National Federations afiliated at world level as Curaçao

  • Curaçao Baseball Federation (WBSC)
  • Curaçao Billiards Federation (WCBS)
  • Curaçao Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (IFBB)
  • Curaçao Bowling Association (FIQ)
  • Curaçao Draughts Federation (WDM)
  • Curaçao Futsal Federation (IFF)
  • Curaçao Karate Federation (WKF)
  • Curaçao Softball Federation (WBSC)

Regional affiliations as associated member & observer

  • Curaçao Track & Field Federation (CAB) is afiliated at the NACAC, as an associated member.

    • At the Central American and Caribbean Athletic Confederation (CACAC), CAB is affiliated as an observer-member for Curaçao.
  • Curaçao Volleyball Federation (FEVOKU) - at world level at FIVB, is afiliated as Nederlands Antilliaanse Volleybal Bond (NAVOBO).

  • Curaçao Sailing Federation at world level at World Sailing, is afiliated as Netherlands Antilles Sailing Federation.

Other Curaçao national sport organizations afiliated internationally